De Branding

The Strandhotel and De Branding are the most central and prominent buildings in the popular coastal town of Cadzand. Its architecture adds strongly to the identity of the town as a genuine place for calm, leisure and family.


Cadzand-Bad, NL


completed 2022


46 residences


Compagnie Het Zoute


Cobe Ingenieurs


Stefaan De Groote

The design of the strandhotel completely transformed and upgraded the original hotel on the central square of Cadzand, Duinplein. The distinct and recognizable architecture, with its landmark tower, mixed-use program and use of natural materials and colours, is a testimony of sustainable urban development tailored to the small coastal town.

The architecture of the adjacent De Branding is reminiscent of the Anglo-Normandic architecture on the North Sea coast. While the design is contemporary, the reuse of traditional elements allows for a distinct architecture, adding to the unique identity of Cadzand-Bad.