Petit Rouge

The historic Petit Rouge hotel, built in the Interbellum, is reminiscent of the glorious past of Blankenberge as a seaside resort.  The Petit Rouge redevelopment stimulates the regeneration of Blankenberge’s city identity by transforming the strategic location in the town’s center.


Blankenberge, BE




20.000 m², 159 residences


POC Real Estate & ION


BM Engineering


Bureel Visueel

The Blankenberge seafront has degraded from the glorious art deco architecture to a banal 10-story wall. The Petit Rouge forms a specific opportunity to create a new dynamic, considering the central location and the plot size, and the historic monumental staircase at the Bakkerstraat and the historic Petit Rouge seafront façade.

The design is a contemporary interpretation of the refined rhythms and curves in the historic Petit Rouge, reflecting its art deco history through detailing of the plinth, public domain and façade. The slender silhouette of the tower is reminiscent of the elegance of the art deco movement.

On the side of the Bakkerstraat, the building contour retreats to allow for a more comfortable and clear public space. The new public space allows the monumental staircase, built in 1899, to take its prominent place once again in the Bakkerstraat.