Hardelot Residences

The Hardelot masterplan from Arcas was first established in the early 2000s, and has been developed with multiple multi-family residences and single-family houses.


Hardelot, FR


2003 – ongoing


500 residences


Compagnie Immobilière d’Hardelot


Nanopixel, Arcas

The architecture of the buildings, which are of a variety of scale and typology, provide a new momentum for the seaside resort.

On the attractive Côte d’Opale, the architecture of the new buildings provides a strong sense of identity and builds upon the local tradition of Anglo-Normandic architecture. The architecture includes traditional elements such as the orange-cladded pitched roof, natural materials and colours and woodwork detailing, and is reminiscent of the grandeur of anglo-normandic style.

Over the years, the contemporary interpretation of Anglo-Normandic architecture has evolved towards a larger focus on unobstructed views and maximizing of daylight. While maintaining a sense of privacy, the architecture minimizes the indoor and outdoor boundary.