Marina Royale

The challenge lies in designing a neighborhood that emulates the success of ‘Het Zoute’ and Duinbergen as exemplary, pleasant, green communities, each with its unique typology. These neighborhoods are strategically planned to ensure their success.


Darłówko, PL


2018 – 2025


160 residences


POC Partners


POC Partners

The Marina Royale develops the Darłówko fisherman’s harbour into a multi-faceted harbour front. The projects involves a public harbour promenade with a variety of functions and multiple residential buildings.

The harbour front developed focuses on the upcoming tourist economy of the Baltic coast, which offers spectacular natural qualities.

Place-making involves the creation of an intimate and attractive identity, both through the design of the public domain and the new buildings bordering it. The harbour front architecture includes traditional references and materials, shaping a timeless and sustainable identity for the seaside resort.