Duinenwater Meerzicht

Meerzicht has the most prominent location in the Duinenwater neighbourhood, bordering the main street and the vibrant lake. A prominent location deserves a prominent building: in scale, grandeur and elegance.


Knokke-Heist, BE


2020 – 2024


40.000 m²: 260 residences, 500 m² retail space & 3.000 m² central garden


Triple Living


Cobe Ingenieurs, Avant Garden


Stefaan De Groote, Arcas

The design involves traditional architectural elements with the contemporary clock gable, outside and covered terraces and fine woodwork ornaments. These elements and traditional references create an intimate residential atmosphere, in the spirit of the garden city concept of the Duinenwater neighbourhood.

All residents enter the building through the monumental entrance on Duinenwater, giving access to the central garden. This 3.000 m² enclosed outdoor space is essential as a place for calm, social interaction and quality of living.