De Nieuwe Concessie

The masterplan “De Nieuwe Concessie” builds upon the stilistic tradition of the conservation area “de concessie” in the coastal town of De Haan. The plan comprises a residential extension close to the town’s centre with approximately 55.000 m2.


De Haan, BE


55.000 m²


2002 – ongoing


POC Partners


Bureel Visueel, Arcas, Stefaan De Groote, POC Partners

The story or small coastal town of De Haan stars with the opening of “L’ Hotel du Cog” in 1880. In 1886. the cooperation “Cod-sur-Mer” begins the development of villas in the natural dunes inspired by the Normandic architecture and English cottage style.

During the Interbellum, the design of the villas is influenced by Art Deco. The new project “De Nieuwe Concessie” aims to improve the site and the town centre of De Haan through a strong and lively visual identity and character.

By referring to the rich tradition, the project proves to be enriching to the town centres visual qualities.